More Fun with the Maurader’s Map

The Maurader’s Map Fabric and the coordinating Burgundy is definitely the fabric that I have ordered the most. I get it from a Canadian Fabric company called The Fabric Snob. I’ve seen it in a few different bases (including quilter’s cotton and flannel) elsewhere as well. It is also available at Joann in The United States.


I first saw the fabric in a sewing group on Facebook. The person that had it was American. I loved the fabric but didn’t realize it was available in Canada. I stubbled across it months later on the Fabric Snob’s website and I was so excited! I don’t order fabric from The US as the price of shipping and customs is very expensive. I was so happy I could finally get the fabric!

Sarah, Rose and Elliott

The first thing I made was a set of three Jolly Rodger Raglans by Patterns for Pirates You can find my post about the Jolly Rodger Raglan here. The first two JRRs I made were for my daughters and the third was for my friend’s’ son. He has a genetic condition. When I found out that he had this genetic condition I made him a shirt out of this fabric and called it his “boy who will live shirt”.


Next I made myself a nursing top, followed by two more nursing tops. I wrote a post about the nursing tops here. One of tops was for my friend that is one of that boy’s moms, and the other was for her wife who was pregnant with their second son at the time.

By the time my friends had their second baby, the kids had outgrown (or were starting to outgrow) the first set of shirts I made, so it was time to make more! I made each of the four kids a full set this time. Each got a Maurader’s Map Jolly Rodger Raglan with burgundy sleeves and matching burgundy shorts (either Petite Pegs by Patterns for Pirates or Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids, depending on the size). You can find my post about the shorts pattern here.


One of these days I will manage to get a picture of the 7 of us all together in our Maurader’s Map outfits but so far we haven’t managed it!

Sarah, Rose and Lily

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