Party Unicorns

It is party season in the Smith Household. My girls birthdays are two weeks apart. My youngest just turned one, and my eldest just turned three. Their cousins' birthdays are also around this time (one was back at the beginning of May, the other is between my girls) which means lots of birthday sewing. This… Continue reading Party Unicorns

More Fun with the Maurader’s Map

The Maurader's Map Fabric and the coordinating Burgundy is definitely the fabric that I have ordered the most. I get it from a Canadian Fabric company called The Fabric Snob. I've seen it in a few different bases (including quilter's cotton and flannel) elsewhere as well. It is also available at Joann in The United… Continue reading More Fun with the Maurader’s Map

Galaxy Fun and a Staple Tank

I finally got the chance to sew up some of the fabric I got for Christmas. Between Christmas presents, baby gifts and a few other projects I'm just now cutting into my galaxy print fabric that I got from The Fabric Snob. It is a double brushed polyester and very soft and comfortable! Unfortunately it… Continue reading Galaxy Fun and a Staple Tank

Slim Fit Raglan- Nursing Hack

I am currently breastfeeding baby number two. Having comfy clothes with easy nursing access is incredibly important. Whenever I see a new pattern pop up in my Facebook feed (I'm in a number sewing pattern Facebook groups) my immediate thought is "Can I breastfeed in that?" Patterns for Pirates has a number of nursing hacks… Continue reading Slim Fit Raglan- Nursing Hack