Pattern Review- Peg Legs by Patterns for Pirates

Now looking at the name of the pattern you may do a double take. “Peg Legs?!” You may ask. The name of the Pattern company is Patterns for Pirates, they quite often name their patterns with a pirate theme. Peg Legs are a basic legging pattern. The also have a Jolly Rodger Raglan for kids (raglan style t-shirt) which is my favourite t-shirt pattern for my toddler. They also have a dress called Me Hearties (which has a twirl worthy circle skirt my daughter loves!) You get the idea. Great every day clothes, (some formal clothes too) fun names.

There are 2 sizes of Pegs. First there is the adult Pegs Legs then there are the Petite Pegs (sizes Preemie- 12 months) if you are wondering where the in between sizes are, then head over to their sister site, Made for Mermaids and find the Bonny Leggings and Skirt pattern. One of the best parts of these patterns is the are all FREE! Both sites have lots of free content. You may wonder why I referred to them as sister sites, quite simply, the women that run each site are sisters. The sites operate independently of each other, but every month they co-host a Sew-a-long on Facebook featuring a pattern from one of the sites, alternating which site the pattern is from. I talked a bit about sew-a-longs in my last post Finding Time to Sew as a Busy Mom.

Newborn Petite Pegs in Shorts Length

I love these patterns! They are my go to patterns! The adult Pegs have some fabulous free Add Ons including two different POCKETS! Please excuse my excitement, I just love pockets and don’t understand why all women’s pants don’t have pockets. There is also optional gusset and colour blocked side panels.

There is also a free Maternity Panel Add On. This add on pattern was what got me interested in sewing clothing in the first place. I was pregnant with my now 7 month old, it was April and we were getting closer to shorts weather. I remembered that when I was pregnant with my eldest I couldn’t find legging shorts in a length I liked, they were either Capri length (which would get tight on my calves as my pregnancy went on) or they were short shorts, which was too short for my liking as my thighs would stick together as I walked, which was terribly uncomfortable.

Peg Legs with Maternity Band

I stumbled upon this pattern which has 4 different lengths. I talked my mom into helping me sew up a pair. I chose the bicycle length (but added an extra inch for the first pair) and the over the belly band (there is also an under belly band and a V under belly band). I loved it! I sewed up 2 more pairs. On the 3rd pair I didn’t have quite enough fabric so I decided to try the add on side panel pocket in a contrasting colour. I love that pocket! I made 2 more pairs with the pocket but not maternity band after my daughter was born and I have plans for another 2 ankle length pairs with pockets.

Maternity Pegs with add on side pocket, and My daughter is wearing Bonny Leggings and a Heart Breaker Cami also by Pattern for Pirates.

The Bonny Leggings also have an optional skirt. I haven’t made any with the skirt yet, but I plan to for the summer.

My Eldest sporting her first pair of Bonny Leggings while standing on my mom’s cutting table. She is also wearing a top from Children’s Place.

These patterns are great beginner patterns. The instructions are great. They even have a Tutorial and Video that shows you how to make the adult Peg Legs on the P4P Blog. Do be sure you measure yourself properly before you start. You will find that your ready to wear size will vary from your make your own clothes size. P4P also has a great blog post on how to Measure Yourself. Peg Legs and Bonny Leggings are a great first project!

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