Pattern Review: Jolly Rodger Raglan by Patterns for Pirates

The Jolly Rodger Raglan by Patterns for Pirates is my favourite t-shirt pattern for my 2 1/2 year old. It is so easy to put together! It works well for daytime use or as a pyjama top.

Jolly Rodger Raglan with a traditional hem

The basic pattern comes with a traditional hem, curved hem, or a banded hem option. It can have cuffed long sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves or short sleeves. It has a little triangular patch at the centre of the neckline as an option or elbow patches. Personally I haven’t tried those add ons yet. I think it looks super cute without them.

Jolly Rodger Raglan with a banded hem

There is also an add on pack available (sold separately). I haven’t tried any of these add ons either so I can’t speak from personal experience as to how easy they are to put together, but there are some interesting options I would love to try some day. The add on pack includes 2 hood options (regular and cross-over) 2 pocket options (inseam and kangaroo) 2 collar options (cowl neck and funnel collar), a ruffle hem and thumb holes.

2 Jolly Rodger Raglans and a Slim Fit Raglan

This Jolly Rodger Raglan is by far the easiest t-shirt pattern I have sewn. A nice design element of a raglan style top is you can make the main body of the shirt one colour and the sleeves a different colour. Yes technically you can do that with any t-shirt pattern, but the sleeve is set at a different angle which makes it look neat. This is definitely the easiest t-shirt pattern I have made!

4 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Jolly Rodger Raglan by Patterns for Pirates”

  1. What is the size / age range of the pattern? I’m looking for a pattern for 12 – 18 months. I like the versatility of this. 👍😁


    1. It would definitely work for that size. The pattern goes from 3 months to a size 14. I have made it in the 3 month size for my baby, as well as one of the bigger sizes for my 6 and 9 year old nieces.
      If you end up looking for something for a girl that is bigger than a size 14 then they have 3 different fit patterns in women’s sizes: the slim fit raglan, relaxed raglan and the ragdoll raglan. There is also the additional add on pack with those same extras for the woman’s sizes as well.

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