In Loving Memory- Debbi Lewis

My Mother- Debbi Lewis

About a month and a half ago I lost my mother, Debbi Lewis, to an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. My mother was one of the most important people in my life, she meant the world to me.

My Mother and I on my Wedding Day

My mother was the person that taught me how to sew. She was an avid crafter and taught folk art painting at Paint’n Friends in Acton for about 9 years. She then went on to teach quilting, first at the Hobby Horse in Glen Williams then at the Stitch Witch in Cobourg.

My Mother at the Hobby Horse in Glen Williams.

My mom used to make all of my sister and my Halloween costumes when we were growing up. I have lots of fond memories of shopping at Fabricland for the patterns for our costumes then getting to pick out the fabric for them.

My mother working on the quilt she made my husband and I for our wedding on her long arm.

She also taught me basic quilting. When my eldest niece was born my mom helped me make a crib set for her. In the years that followed my mom helped me make my nieces more gifts in the form of blankets, bags and doll clothes.

My Mother working on a quilt for a friend’s brother

When I told my mom I wanted to learn how to sew clothes she was a bit hesitant because she didn’t particularly like working with knit fabric but she taught me how to use it anyway and was always happy to help me troubleshoot any issues I was having, as well as helping me to figure out how to squeeze as many pattern pieces as possible into a cut of fabric.

My Mother at the Hobby Horse in Glen Williams

My mother was the best mother that I could imagine and was an amazing grandmother to my daughters. My mom would bend over backwards to help anyone. She made beautiful baby quilts not only for my girls but for the children of some of my friends.

My Mother with my daughters Lily and Rose

I was very close with my mom and we would talk daily if not multiple times a day. She was always available for a FaceTime call if my toddler was really upset and wanted to talk to her.

4 Generations: My Mother, Grandma Pearce, My Daughter Rose when she was about 2 weeks old and Myself

I have been finding that sewing has been very good stress relief for me this last year between my mom being sick and my baby having some medical challenges. Since my mom has died sewing has helped me feel closer to her.

My Mother and Lily about a week before my mom started chemo

I miss my mother terribly and it breaks my heart that my girls won’t remember her. Like my mother I have started making my girls their Halloween costumes. I plan to pass my mother’s legacy down to my girls by teaching them how to sew when they are old enough. My three year old already enjoys sitting on my lap and guiding the fabric through the machine as I sew, (and playing with my clips and anything else she can get her hands on when I’m not actively putting something though the machine at that exact moment.)

The Last Family Photo we have. From the Top Left: My Husband- Steve Smith, Me- Sarah Smith, My Mom- Debbi Lewis, My Dad- Walter Lewis. Next Row: My Brother-in-law- Rob Panepinto, My Sister- Erin Panepinto. Front Row: My Daughters- Lily and Rose